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What am I eating?

Have you ever eaten at McDonald’s? You probably have at one point in your life. I have not eaten at McDonald’s more than 3 times since that documentary was released, where the guy goes around eating McDonald’s for X amount of time and almost dies. Scary if you think about it for a second, which brings me to my point. When I was in high school a Big Mac combo was just over $6.00, now it is closer to $10.00. Have the ingredients used in the product changed for the better? Not likely, using McDonald’s “Nutrition Calculator”  a Big Mac with a large soda and large fries still come out to over 1,400 calories and 56 grams of fat. And people wonder why kids these days are fat… Those aside, why are companies such as McDonald’s charging more for the same products they’ve been offering for years? It could be inflation, but I think that it is largely due to the fact that there is a trend among consumers. Consumers are becoming more conscious of what they are eating (especially the baby-boomers), and therefore have been purchasing organic food products, which fall under the sub-section of specialty foods. So how is Toronto’s food producing, cluster members responding to this trend? Is it any surprise that the specialty foods sub-sector is growing at a rate of 7% more than any of the other sub-sectors? I think not. Myself, I purchase organic food when I am able to. This is because I don’t like the idea of putting (for lack of a better word) crap in my body. I do this because I partake in numerous physical activities on a weekly basis, and I would prefer that my diet assist me in my performance rather than slow me down. I could get away with it when I was a teenager, but definitely not anymore. The bottom line is that consumers eating habits have been changing over the years and members of the Toronto food & beverage cluster have changed with them.


Until next time, keep eating…