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Supporting Educational Institutes

I was recently sitting, watching TV when it struck me. What if this whole marketing this doesn’t work out, what will I do? Since I know that jobs within clusters pay higher, I thought about a job in food and/or beverage. Which got me thinking, where would I go for education?hk-35617-100

There are numerous private culinary institutes/schools within the GTA, however many of them are privately operated. The schools with the most creditable culinary programs are George Brown and Humber College, largely due to the fact that they are community colleges.

Some of George Brown’s Chef School Full-Time Programs include:


As you can see, the Toronto food & beverage cluster isn’t limited to just the production of food & beverage in the sense of a production facility with distribution to an end user (consumer). Hopefully this posting illustrates how it is not just about production and you can begin to look at this cluster differently. It is important to understand how complex and important clusters are.

Until next time, keep eating…