Guelph – The place to be (if you’re into agriculture)

Guelph is hype! If you’re into food, which all of us are.gftc

The Guelph Food Technology Centre (GFTC) is Canada’s only not-for-profit, non-subsidized food technology centre. The GFTC provides innovative, confidential technical solutions, training, consulting and auditing to the Canadian agri-food industry in the areas of R&D, product development, packaging, shelf-life, food safety, quality, and productivity improvement. Each year, the GFTC assists over 500 companies and organizations, and provides training to more than 3600 people.

You’re probably wondering, how does the GFTC assist their clients, good question. A few examples are as follows:

Initial Consultation to Assess Your Project Needs

  • Generally one hour in length
  • Absolute confidentiality guaranteed
  • Steps and time line laid out
  • No obligation to potential client to accept proposal; confidentiality will be maintained regardless of potential client’s decision

Projects Carried Out

  • Designing new products
  • Modifying existing products
  • Designing or modifying processes & packaging
  • Implementation of HACCP and ISO 9000
  • Elements may be subcontracted, such as co-packing, or routine analytical testing, but confidentiality¬† is always maintained

Delivery of Results

  • Clients own the results they pay for
  • The GFTC guarantees confidentiality

There are other organizations/associations in the Guelph area, none as important as the University of Guelph’s Ontario Agriculture College (OAC). The OAC is a global leader in innovative life sciences education and research for environment, agriculture, food, and rural communities.

The OAC was founded in 1874, the OAC is a founding college of the University of Guelph, and ranked as Canada’s top comprehensive research university. overview-johnston

I could ramble on for paragraphs about Guelph and everything they have to offer in regards to food & beverage cluster activities. But I have to cut it off somewhere, and that’s here…


Until next time, keep eating…


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