Where does my produce come from?

Have you ever been tossing a salad when you stopped and asked yourself, where does my produce come from? Well, it happened to me. So I decided to find out where, exactly it does come from. The answer, The Ontario Food Terminal. The Ontario Food Terminal Board owns and operates the largest wholesale produce distribution centre in Canada. They also rank in the top 5 by volume in North America (which pretty much means, they’re number 5).

The Ontario Food Board has 450 tenants who provide local fruits, vegetables and floral products. The Ontario Food Board also has 22 Warehouse tenants, who provide imported and local fruits and vegetables from all over the world. The Ontario Food Board has over 5,000 buyers registered to purchase at the terminal.  The Ontario Food Board accepts deliveries 24 hours per day, 365 days of the year to ensure their buyers receive the freshest products. The Terminal is open for buyers from 6:30 am to 2:30pm Monday to Friday all year round and the Farmers’ Market is also open on Saturdays during the months of May through October.


The The Ontario Food Terminal is located 165 The Queensway and is NOT open to the public. The Ontario Food Board maintains the policy that only people who can produce proof of business (i.e. a retailer such as Sobeys) can purchase from the Terminal.

Below are some pictures of the Ontario Food Terminal during the morning rush:




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